Baby Blanket – Punu Piti



Cotton baby blanket from Better World Arts

Featuring the artwork Punu Piti by Cynthia Burke – Cynthia is a highly skilled punu maker. Punu is the Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara word for wood, and refers to the traditional artifacts carved from local hard timbers, usually mulga. The design is applied using hot wire to burn traditional stories and patterns into the surface of the wood. Cynthia is a master Punu maker.

Dimensions: 80 x 100 cm

Better World Arts works with Artisans from remote areas. Artisans benefit by having culturally appropriate opportunities to supplement their income by sharing their art and traditions. Better World Arts creates sustainable lives for Artisans.


Punu Piti – Blue, Punu Piti – Pink