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Winter styles from Birkenstock have arrived!

Emporium Bellingen

is a complete mens’ and womens’ outfitters and homewares store


It is situated in the historic Hammond and Wheatley Building, we welcome you to enjoy this heritage space of thoughtfully curated products.

We invite more people to enjoy the cherished experience of entering our store. If you haven’t discovered us already we encourage you to come and discover all of Bellingen which flourishes as a vibrant country town.

Mail order has always been a significant aspect of Emporium Bellingen and those brown paper packages tied up with string remind people of the Bellingen experience between visits.


Soon we hope to bring you a selection of our range on this website and it will arrive at you door with the same love and care as you will experience in store.

We encourage you to come visit our wonderful town, attend a festival, discover the locally and ethically produced products available around town, see the solar panels on the rooftops, and see how much effort is going into saving the local forests and rivers.

We hope to create a website and to showcase our whole community and help it to thrive.