Bone China Cake Plate



Stylish cake plates that match up with Better World Arts’ bone china mugs. Sorry you don’t get the cakes in the pics…

The Bone China Cake Plate measures 17.5 x 12cm.

The designs belong to Aboriginal artists, who receive generous royalties on every purchase made.


Ampitji – Jane Margaret TIPUAMANTUMIRRI

This painting is about the story of the Rainbow Serpent, a dreaming story that is common to so many Aboriginal cultures. Each region has it’s own part of the story to tell. This painting is also about the artists’ dance that tells the story.


Rosie Ngwarrin Ross

Rosie Ross enjoys painting. Rosie is an emerging artist who has only recently started painting. Rosie uses brush and sticks to create the vibrant lively images of her country. Rosie decided to start painting after watching saw her daughter Margaret Ross paint. the artists of Ampilatwatja have decided not to paint their traditional stories, preferring to keep them private. They paint their country.


Ampitji – Jane Margaret TIPUAMANTUMIRRI, gabriel, nelly, Rosie Ngwarrin Ross